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so a bunch of you nerdbags have been like ‘oh i’d listen 2 that band u throw urself down stairs 4 if ud link me’ and i’ve been too lazy to do it until today!!

i have conveniently placed them in chronological order with a link to the lyrics and the  corresponding video!! (remember to read all the lyrics pages so that you don’t miss any narration) and for any a you babies out there, Act II is actually the precursor to Act I if u„, couldn’t figure it out„


Hope Rides Alone [lyrics] [video

Funeral for a Son [lyrics] [video

Unrest in the House of Light [lyrics] [video

The Will of One [lyrics] [video

Vengeance [lyrics] [video]

The Stand (Man or Machine) [lyrics] [video

The Sons of Fate [lyrics] [video

Due Vendetta [lyrics] [video


Intermission [lyrics] [video

The Good Doctor [lyrics] [video

Father of Death [lyrics] [video

The Hounds [lyrics] [video

The State vs. Thomas Light [lyrics] [video]

Give Us the Rope [lyrics] [video]

How the World Fell Under Darkness [lyrics] [video]

Breaking Out [lyrics] [video]

Keep Quiet [lyrics] [video

Light Up the Night [lyrics] [video

The Fall [lyrics] [video

Here Comes the Arm [lyrics] [video

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    hahaha now you guys have no excuse to not listen to the protomen also you gotta start on act 1 and listen in order thats...
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  9. tehlulu said: YES Just… I love you for loving these. Because I love these. Fuck yes.
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