Sep 8 2014 18:59 11 notes

Beths mom was too sassy 4 mi

Sep 5 2014 15:09 10 notes


whispers neat people i have met at cons 

Guards - ghosti and elisv 

Nightmare Moon - mejackel

Oh man hey!! it was super awesome to meet you ahhh, thanks for hangin out with me!

Sep 3 2014 17:33 37 notes

the definition of professionals

palace guards: me and beth!

photos by mariska

Sep 3 2014 16:25 64 notes

bye haru

haru: beth

makoto: mejackel

rei: myself!

nagisa: safehaus

Sep 3 2014 5:12 44 notes

mmm look at that coat rumple

Howl: myself

Sophie: Beth’s mom

top photo by Roget Ratchford!

Sep 3 2014 0:37 34 notes


Makoto- mejackel

Haru- elizv

Rei- ghosti

Nagisa- safehaus

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Aug 6 2014 22:17 12 notes

wip on mariska’s breastplate for nightmare moon! time to prime the heck out of it and get it painted!

Jul 21 2014 18:41 37 notes

literally shocked theres a good photo of my adachi in this world where most of the time i was booty poppin and taking squats

Jul 14 2014 1:54 17 notes


I really wanted a picture kicking adachi in the nuts but karl kept flinching away and laughing so he looks a lil 2 excited for his crotch kick smh

i look like i’m sneezing