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wip on mariska’s breastplate for nightmare moon! time to prime the heck out of it and get it painted!

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literally shocked theres a good photo of my adachi in this world where most of the time i was booty poppin and taking squats

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I really wanted a picture kicking adachi in the nuts but karl kept flinching away and laughing so he looks a lil 2 excited for his crotch kick smh

i look like i’m sneezing

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my weekend summarized in two images

photos by tumblr user jarkai797!

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lifted this off sarahs ig cause i wanted the image but not the million photo photoset that came with it B)

komaeda is myself

tsumiki is ponty

nanami is ren

photo by rose-among-the-swords, thanks for snaggin a photo of us!

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Awesome folks at AX who let me take a photo with them! AlSo, special thanks to their friends who were nice enough to take the photo and to hold my treat while photos were taken! #animeexpo #ax #killlakill #cosplay

that’s ghosti and me!! your cosplay was hella rad, thanks for getting pics with us!!

your cosplay was so nice, thanks for takin pictures with us! I hope your icecream wasn’t too melted by the time we were all done!

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AX ‘14 Day 3 Pt.2

the inumuta and mako at the bottom is ghosti and me!!

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my otp (one true pairing)

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i dont have any photos from con of my Memer Self yet, but here’s my inumootle cosplay! if you followed me cause we met at AX, shoot me a message!!