Completely Self-Centered Cabbage Detective

literally shocked theres a good photo of my adachi in this world where most of the time i was booty poppin and taking squats


I really wanted a picture kicking adachi in the nuts but karl kept flinching away and laughing so he looks a lil 2 excited for his crotch kick smh

i look like i’m sneezing

my weekend summarized in two images

photos by tumblr user jarkai797!

lifted this off sarahs ig cause i wanted the image but not the million photo photoset that came with it B)

komaeda is myself

tsumiki is ponty

nanami is ren

photo by rose-among-the-swords, thanks for snaggin a photo of us!



Awesome folks at AX who let me take a photo with them! AlSo, special thanks to their friends who were nice enough to take the photo and to hold my treat while photos were taken! #animeexpo #ax #killlakill #cosplay

that’s ghosti and me!! your cosplay was hella rad, thanks for getting pics with us!!

your cosplay was so nice, thanks for takin pictures with us! I hope your icecream wasn’t too melted by the time we were all done!

i dont have any photos from con of my Memer Self yet, but here’s my inumootle cosplay! if you followed me cause we met at AX, shoot me a message!!

senseiofficial said: where’s the cabbage (kidding you’re perf as adachi!!!!)image

first of all, how dare you (NO OMG thank you ahhh im excited to be the Garbage Man)

he’s beauty he’s grace

he’s miss united states