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i will never get a photo of myself that’s not overexposed again

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my wig and suit came in

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i clicked a link saying it was rick roll thinking it wasn’t going to be rick roll but it was rick roll anyways
what do you even call that


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in yotsuba there’s a chapter where the little girl eats pizza for the first time and basically this is you + pizza

shit i forgot to publish this but basically erin found me incarnated into a single manga page thank you erin

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It glows, too!

Dream: Ghosti

Delirium: Valeria

Photos by Roget Ratchford

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"Yes, it’s a very nice fishie. yes I’m glad you showed me."

Delirium: Valeria

Dream: Ghosti

Photos by Roget Ratchford!

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Delirium, otherwise known as the photobomber of her own family photos. Photos by Roget Ratchford!

Desire: Mariska

Dream: Ghosti

Delirium: Valeria

Death: Jillian

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Wow, you can smile? Don’t pull a face muscle there, Dream.

Death: Jillian

Dream: Ghosti

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Last set, please admire Felix’s cloven feet and my expression of pained discomfort as I attempted to balance on acorns and uneven terrain. Photos by Roget Ratchford!

Faun: Felix

Unicorn: Mariska

Hippogriff: Ghosti